My favorite time of year when I decided to go on a brisk nude run through central campus and there happens to hundreds of others joining me.

-except im perfectly fine be outside naked without being blackout drunk. I mean if clothes werent necessary why would I have them?


This stuff is heaven on earth.

Won My Heart
On A Day Like Today…Im Handing These Out
My University on this very snowy day
From the Lofty Peaks of Mansfield…

Does anyone else go through and read the #UVM for a good laugh every now and then?

JAZZFEST going on for the next week on, and around, Church St. in Burlington, VT! Can’t wait to see some great Soul, Blues, and jazz groups this weekend!
Anyone notice that almost everyone in Burlington is Homeless between the 25th of May and June 1st, due to Apartment Lease Change-overs. Scheduled to work all this coming week and will be Homeless!?! Guess I am going to live with my guitar and cat-on-leash on the streets… Gahh man..
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